Pinnacle Technologies

We combine cutting-edge technology with hands-on experience in the chemistry of polishing and buffing to provide powerful solutions through unparalleled service, support and training.  When you work with us, you will tap into decades of innovations and advancements.

For over twenty years, Pinnacle Technologies has programmed robots for metal finishing and has developed, programmed and assembled many large robotic systems for end users all over the world.  For each robotics project, we provide a comprehensive training program-from basic operation through advanced uses at our customer's facility.


In Europe we are known as Intec Robotic Solutions (Intec).  Intec specializes in the production of robotic systems for linishing, belting, buffing, polishing or satin finishing proccessable surfaces. 

The company was founded in 1998, on the strength of twenty-year of experience in industrial robotics with the aim of offering robotic finishing systems of the highest quality. 

We have proven our capability to successfully operate in the international market and acquire important customers, including multinationals that require high quality standards. INTEC is regarded globally by many leading manufacturers as the benchmark in robotic surface finishing technology.