Pinnacle HP-Spray Head Cartridge

Pinnacle HP-Spray Head Cartridge contains all the major wear items for the high pressure spray metering type guns.  It is designed for quick change since it mounts external to the spray gun body.

The HP-Spray Head Cartridge is designed for quick retrofitting, with no mechanical modifications of the Widoberg models 2001 (HDP I), Widoberg 2222 (HDP II), Wido Spray and the Polispray gun.

 If there is a problem with the cartridge it can be quickly removed and replaced with another HP-Cartridge mounted without removing the spray gun from the machine.  The change over requires less than two minutes of down time.  Unlike the competitor's product such as Polyspray's OW-Cartridge Head which can not be disassembled and is not repairable, our HP-Cartridge can easily be repaired.

The advantages of our HP Cartridge are:

  • Double life reversible solid carbide valve piston
  • Precise metering of compound
  • Quick change cartridge
  • Quick change tip replacement
  • Automatic air bleed
  • Can be used for remote spray with optional flexible hose extension
  • Significant reduction in down time
  • Dramatic reduction in spare parts usage and consequent cost reduction
  • Replaces disposable PolySpray OW-Head Cartridge
  • HP-Cartridges supplies the latest technology eliminating the need to replace older model high pressure spray guns